Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rough night. Tough Day.

I had quite the night Friday night.  I'm not talking about a party.  It wasn't fun.
Talk about uncomfortable.  Sheesh.
It wasn't a bug.  It wasn't food poisoning.
I even went to bed with my clothes on!

After keeping Mr. D awake all night with my tossing and turning and flipping and flopping, I woke up fairly pain free and happy to feel somewhat normal again.  So I ate some cereal.  Then I took some photos of the glistening drops of ice melting on the trees.  It looked so magical - like diamonds and crystals flickering in the sunlight.  It was wonderful to be pain free!

Then I had a second cup of coffee.

Then the pain came back.
So I looked my symptoms up on the internet, focusing on gallbladder issues.
I quickly convinced myself that I was in gallbladder hell.  So I didn't eat the rest of the day.  Eating only aggravated my already irritated tummy.

Baby Girl came home Saturday.  She didn't feel well either.
Both of us took long naps.

On the way to church last night my symptoms became more like the dreadful kidney stone symptoms (read pain) which I am far too familiar with.  By about 7:30 pm I was feeling less pain, but was SO hungry.
When we got home, it was nice to have dinner made by our boy.

Against my better judgement, I ate it.
I was fine.  No pain.  Slept great.  Go figure.

This morning I ate breakfast.  No pain.  Had two cups of coffee.  No pain.

I'm still skeptical.  I've been through this before with kidney stones.  Some days were worse than others. Some days I felt fine.

Curious, I asked a physician friend at church last night what he thought.  He thought I could be right with the gall bladder self diagnosis.  I didn't tell him about the side pain that was developing.  The doc recommended I make an appointment on Monday.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't.
What if it's just gas?  Ugggh.  I'd be so embarrassed.

Today is a much better day for all of us.
THAT is something to be thankful for!!


  1. My first thought was, gallbladder. I'd say, see your Doc, ask for an ultrasound, (really the only way to know for sure). Then you'll know for sure and if it is you can schedule an elective surgery instead of it being an emergency in the middle of the night.
    None of the Doc's brianna saw thought it was her gallbladder.... I told her to tell them she wanted an ultrasound, low and behold it is gallstones. Now she knows! (and so do the doubting doctors)

  2. PS....glad you're feeling better , for now!

  3. Make the appointment!!! I want to see you in two weeks! glad you were feeling better today!

  4. Sorry you had a lousy weekend. I don't like the thought of not knowing when/if the pain will strike again. I'd say get it checked out.

  5. Anonymous12:47 PM CDT

    I had my gallbladder taken out 3 years ago! It was constant pain in my right upper quadrant (right under my right breast) but it intensified significantly after eating. Especially eating anything spicy, or even remotely fattening. It was pain that brought me to tears. Does that sounds familiar to you? Hope you feel better and they figure out what is making you sick!!


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