Thursday, April 14, 2011


The last few weeks I've been asking myself the same questions

Why do I blog?
Who do I blog for?
Should I keep blogging?
Do I have time to blog?

My blogging journey began as a way for out of town family to check in on our lives.  I'll always wish blogging had existed when my children were young and we lived VERY far from our families.  As time went by I realized my family wasn't even reading my blog --- and time passed -- and my blog morphed into many different things.  Mostly random stuff.  Stuff and ramblings that make me wonder what on God's (mostly) green earth brings y'all back to read (or creep:).

I'm not giving it up. I like the creative side to this blog.  I have a creative monster in me that needs to be fed.  Regularly.  So I keep feeding the creative creature.

Your insights welcome.


  1. love you, love your blog, love your photos, love the glimpse into the lives of two of my favorite people. whether it's once a week or once a day...please don't stop.

  2. I'm sure that I'm your biggest fan. I might possible be crushed if you stop blogging, so please dont. I sometimes check twice a day and I'm always eager to see what you have to say next. Love your beautiful pictures as well. Keep on bloggin' my friend, do it for you! Do it for those creative juices!

  3. Now that you have me blogging - you can't stop now! I love reading your blog - I'm a true follower and look to you for inspiration! And I'm jealous - at least your husband reads yours :-)

  4. Ok, I'll put it in Dave Ramsey speak:

    All of us *nerds* need a *freespirit* like you :) to give us some fun and creativity in our lives!!

    How was that??

    Love it!

  5. It keeps us connected even when we don't call or write. A line of communication albeit one way. Sometimes prompting prayers and amens. Sometimes even a facebook comment. Keep going my friend, as often as you are inspired.

  6. oops, last comment is me... Sara signed in at Elizabeth Lodge.

  7. I agree with all they said...and if you quit I quit...just sayin

  8. I like your blog!!


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