Monday, April 25, 2011

New on the farm

Every day I drive past this

I think just about every day a new calf appears on the scene

There are days I can't resist stopping to enjoy the view for a few minutes.  It's been fun to see the herd grow in numbers and to see the little ones go from mostly laying down to romping with each other.

Today there was a calf birth at Squash Blossom Farm which is pretty close to The Cottage, and on my way home from work.  I couldn't resist stopping to see the newest member of the herd.  Susan was out with the calf and Lariat (momma cow) taking some pictures.  She invited me out to see the calf close up.  

photo by Susan Waughtal, Squash Blossom Farm
I can not even begin to describe how absolutely adorable this little heifer is.  Lariat was kind and patient and allowed me to pet her soft little baby.

Susan and Roger are living my dream -- so I live vicariously through them as I follow their adventure in sustainable farming via their blog.  

When you go to the Rochester Farmer's market be sure to look for Squash Blossom Farm and try some of their wood-fired breads, tarts, veggies, fresh eggs and sweets and tell them Cheri sent you!

Now go take a look-see at Susan's blog here.  I bet you'll be hooked like I am!

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  1. i LOVE baby cows! i think we should get one! :D


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