Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I've been watching from the sidelines for a couple years as friends and strangers sponsor Compassion children.  I'm not exactly sure what I've been waiting for.  Enough money?  (is there ever enough?)  More time? (was I really that busy?) .  Whatever excuse I could conjure up, I would use to talk myself out of it.
Besides, I didn't want to take this commitment lightly.

Like many of you, Mr. D and I receive many requests every year to donate to various causes, or support someone going on a mission trip, or support a missionary.  Mr. D is a very generous man.  He gives easily.  I, however, am challenged in the giving arena.  Over the years we've given toward many a mission trip, missionary, and project, and we send support to a few missionaries.  We are no strangers to giving.  It seemed easier to mail a check for $25 or $50 or even $100 here and there or once a month, than it did to commit to monthly giving for years....to a child.  I have no idea why though.

The desire to sponsor a child had been building and burning in my heart over the last several months.  When our church presented the opportunity to sponsor children following our weekend services last weekend, I knew, without a doubt, that this was my time.

Mr. D walked up to the table and looked over the sweet faces of the children in need of sponsors.  I avoided looking.  We hadn't discussed sponsoring a child ahead of time, though I was pretty sure Mr. D would want to.  Looking at the pictures wasn't an option for me.  How could I ever choose?  So I did what I could.  I walked to my seat in church.

Following a brief video presentation on Compassion sponsorship, I leaned over and whispered to Mr. D, "I'd like to sponsor a child".  With a warm smile, he said, "there's a little boy who was born on our anniversary".  

We are proud, pleased as punch, and excited to tell you that Mr. D and I have sponsored a sweet little boy.

Milton was born on September 12, 2001
He lives in Bolivia.

We just learned that boys are less likely to be sponsored than girls.
We like that we have another boy in our lives!

To learn more about Compassion, and sponsor a child head over to the website HERE.

If you sponsor a child (or children) tell me about him or her!   I'd love to hear your story!


  1. Let's go visit him!! You pay for the travel expenses... deal?

  2. Very exciting! congrats

  3. YAY!! Our sweet boy is in Guatemala! Its fun watching them grow up and getting letters from them!

    Welcome to the Compassion Family!

  4. We once had a sweet boy from Brazil who had the same birthday as Gavin only one year younger. We received a letter from Compassion about 2 years after we got him telling us that we could no longer support him. Unfortunately the church that his family belonged to were not abiding with the rules that compassion has laid out. Because of that, they could no longer support the family with their organization. I don' t really get it but we were sad none the less. We loved getting his letters...he was so thankful and sweet. Enjoy your boy, his is blessed to belong to the Dietzman family!

  5. Welcome to the Compassion family! I hope you get as much joy from sponsoring Milton as we do with our Compassion children. :) Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. That's so cool Cheri! Chris and I got a little boy in Guatemala about 5 years ago, it's fun to watch them grow.

  7. Awesome!! We have a girl in Haiti (born on Cole's b-day) and a 9 yr old boy in Columbia. have been looking for one on or around Jack's b-day to add.

    I am not nearly as good about writing as often as I wish I would...but it feels great knowing are we are making a difference in their lives nonetheless.


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