Thursday, April 28, 2011


  1. I still remember what you gave me! do you??? I guess one of my favorites would be my pasta machine. I've had it 28 years!

  2. Oh dear Deb....way to put me on the spot. I have no idea what I gave you! Is that bad? Did you have to look it up - or do you really remember?

  3. I really remember! It was a darling PJ! shorts and a cami!

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM CDT

    I still have sheets and towels I received for my wedding shower 34 years ago. Isn't that bad? I only had 1 bridal shower and 1 what they used to call personal shower. The bridal shower was for both families and friends. I still love the wooden salad bowl set I received, which my mom bought and gave me from my brother, Kirk!


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