Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A ticket to ride

Gabby has always been afraid of the car.  Afraid of riding in the car.  
A car trip with Gabby is, well, special.
First the shakes, then the burying of her head under our arms, like an ostrich.

Until this last road trip, that is.

Gabby has turned a corner (pun intended) on car rides

She is MUCH more relaxed

and prefers the driver's lap

which completely surprised me when I started driving,
since Gabby always prefers Mr. D over me.

Long trips are so much more pleasant when your pup isn't trying to bury her head for twelve hours.


  1. i won't believe it till i see it :)

  2. Gabby is a cutie patootie. I'm glad her anxiety over riding in a car is gone and you can enjoy your travels!
    Scout once jumped out the car window. It was only opened 1/3 of the way. Thank God we weren't on a busy street.

    Your Friend,

  3. Gabby is an interesting dog -- thinking about chasing squirrels -- no doubt.


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