Sunday, March 06, 2011


As Mr. D and drove the back roads on our way home from a friend's house this afternoon
we learned two things.

1.  There is a large reservoir very near our house.  How did we not know this?

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We followed what we thought were "kites" in the air -- to the above location.  
This is what we saw:
2.  Two people snowboarding.  No hill.  No ski lifts.  

I am pretty sure this activity would give me that feeling in my stomach like when you go really high on the swings!  We used to say it "makes my tummy tickle."  

Do you have a name for it?


  1. butterflies, definitely definitely.

  2. fun! i want to try! being in cincinnati right now i've already forgotten what it looks like there with all that snow :( so depressing!


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