Sunday, March 13, 2011

The quintessential early bird

Waking up this morning to a tree full of American Robins singing in our crabapple tree made the "spring ahead" move into Daylight Savings Time a delightful experience.

My first count was 10 robins, 
give or take a few flying in and out of the tree as I counted.

They are cleaning up the berries in the tree 
like it's their job.

Yesterday we had a visit from a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

The snow still covers 90 percent of the yard, but there is hope for a melt-down this week and nobody is more ready to see the white stuff disappear than me!


  1. Ok, funny -- was this a test?

    a Red-bellied Woodpecker? -- I can see it's head is red -- but belly? Not so much.

  2. Don't mind me -- just wiping this mud off my face...

    Guess I should look up first, comment after :)

  3. C'mon Kirk....say it.....


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