Monday, March 14, 2011


Recently I helped a friend throw a surprise 40th birthday party for her baseball lovin' hubby.  OK, not just baseball lovin'.....but CHICAGO White Sox baseball lovin' fan.  
Since Mr. D and I are White Sox (and Cubs) fans, it made the party just that much more fun.

The invite instructed guests to dress in their favorite baseball attire.

I decorated The Cottage using the birthday boy's collection of mitts,

baseballs, posters, bats, batting helmuts

collected photos

more bats, helmets, baseballs

and a baseball cake!
decorated by Mr. D -- 

We served:
*Real Vienna Beef hot dogs - Chicago Style
(no dome dogs here)
Malt Cups
Soft Pretzels
Shelled Peanuts

*Nate will tell you that there IS a difference in hot dogs -- and that Vienna Beef is THEE best dog out there!

This party was so incredibly easy to host, plan, decorate for, cook for, and carry out.  Sometimes simple foods are the absolute best!


  1. I love themed parties - this is awesome!


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