Monday, February 28, 2011

Where I've been

In my musical thought life, 
this song is streaming through my mind lately...

IF you choose, press play on above video, count to 10 and press play on slide show below.

I do realize I could have combined this in one show ---but to use the song I want -- this was the fastest (and cheapest) way for me to do this -- 

Our week with with our Wild One and Tim was fabulous.
Love her.  Love  him.
Proud of both of them.


  1. Oh Cheri, that was so sweet. I'm glad you had some time with Cara & Tim recently. That big day is gonna be here real soon.

  2. Nice slide show -- sniff :)

  3. awww mommy!! That was soo sweet thank you :) And thanks for coming and hanging at my house :) It was fun shopping with you and just being with you and daddy :) I think i've got the best parents in the world :)

  4. this was wonderful!!


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