Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What can brown do for you?

Back in 2002 UPS used the tagline, 
"what can brown do for you?" as a part of their marketing campaign.  

Gabby would like you to know that "brown" can do SO much for you!

Gabby loves when the UPS truck pulls onto our street.  For her, the big brown truck is so much more than a package for the people she lives with, or lives near.

That big brown truck means someone is here to visit her.  Yes her.  It's all about Gabby when the brown truck pulls up. Gabby runs excited to the truck and jumps in with the UPS man - because she knows that somewhere in that brown box on wheels there is

something special, just for her.

Even when her people aren't home to let Gabby out
to greet her favorite man in brown
he still comes through for her.

Our UPS man, Dennis, is Gabby's hero.  
We think he is pretty awesome too.


  1. Gabby is so cute and probably keeps the mean old FedEx guy from coming to the door, too!

  2. Such a great UPS guy ! I love the last pic of Gabby, what a silly dog.

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM CST

    This is an amazing post

  4. I love the post / I love the last picture of Gabby taken when we purchased our first digital camera by Nate... fun fun.


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