Friday, February 11, 2011

On my right

It's Friday night.
I'm sitting on the sofa.

To my right is the dog.  Gabby.

To my left is Mr. D
I need a life.

Earlier tonight:
I finished making cheesecake bars.  This was a test.  They failed.  
Taste = Good.
Work = Putzy.  
I'm not a fan of dipping things in chocolate. 

They look a little better (and taste better) with chocolate drizzled over the top instead of dunked.

Mr. D assisted with the process.  We quickly abandoned the process and started pouring chocolate on whatever we could find.

Like raisins



 and Oreos.

I'm counting on the kids and Mr. D eating all this chocolate and saving me from myself.


  1. Fun! Reminds me of a time we were bored in the kitchen at Culvers and we deep fried everything we could find, pickels, lettuce, mushrooms, heehee, don't tell Steve.
    I want that chocolate! Yum!

  2. Anonymous1:56 PM CST

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  4. Mmmm...cheesecake.

    It is very hard to dip things in chocolate and have them look good, but I'd still eat these! :)

  5. Looks perfect....Husband, dog and chocolate, cant beat that combo :)


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