Sunday, February 13, 2011

NY to MN

Last week my long time friend, Deb, and I spent some time together.  We had a wonderful visit which included a conversation about how long we have known each other and the history that we have shared.  

Mr. D met Deb's hubby John at work.  The guys rode motorcycles together.  Before Mr. D got his motorcycle license I actually rode on the back of John's bike, to be legal.  Time passed and John met Deb -- then we met Deb.  Then we all hung out together, the guys golfing and playing softball, us girls sitting in the bleachers watching our men.  Time flew by and Mr. D and I attended John and Deb's wedding.  Within a few years  Mr. D and I welcomed our first baby.  Six months later John and Deb welcomed their first baby.  Seventeen months went by and Mr. D and I had baby #2.  Then 15 months later John and Deb welcomed a daughter.  Two days later Mr. D and I welcomed our Baby Girl.

Deb called me from the hospital wondering why the heck I wasn't there yet.  I wondered the same thing.  The next day, I joined her and we enjoyed being hospital roommates.  It was the best.

Saturday morning Deb invited me over to learn how to make a secret family recipe for cookies.

I am so honored to be included in on this Italian family recipe.

I lost count measuring the 5 cups of flour - 3 times!

Deb and John remodeled their nice kitchen
into this amazing kitchen and did all the work themselves.

They are very creative and talented in the home decor/design department.

They have yummy cookie recipes too!

Deb is an excellent cook and talented seamstress

I am the lucky recipient of one of her adorable aprons
(she made the aprons we are wearing)

Deb is working on starting a blog -- when she gets it up and running, I'll let ya all know.  Prepare to be amazed.

Thirty years of friendship, bikes, baseball, babies, a move across the country and our history continues our first born daughters marry this year.

Our history continues.  
Here's to many more years of memories Deb!  


  1. I had no idea you two had that long history together. I thought it all started in Rochester, Very cool. Those cookies look amazing as do you and Deb.

  2. Awwwww Cheri - this is so nice! Brought back many memories and I'm sitting here teary eyed! I love those pictures from the hospital!
    I was happy to share the recipes with you... and you will be interested to know that I have been eating about 10 cookies a day...but heck, they are small, right :-)

  3. sweet. I have a friend of nearly 38 years, (our parents lived next door to each other until mine moved to Stewie in 2005...her parents still live in the same house)

    We too had our first babies only 2 weeks a part from each other - unfortunately we only get to see each other once or twice a year. But when we do it's like we were never apart!


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