Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is it you?

If you are one of "those" people . . . .

PHOTO: Poughkeepsie Journal / Spencer Ainsley
Please, please stop.  I am SO tired of shoveling.  So done with walking through knee deep snow to feed chickens and collect eggs every day.  So over slippery roads.  Absolutely finished with worrying about friends and kids driving in snowy conditions.

I want this back:
 and this
and this

You've had your fun in the snow and cold.  
Now it's time to move on and admit -- you are done with the snow too!

Love from the "no more snow" committee,

The weather service says to expect up to 8" of snow between tonight and Monday morning.  Not acceptable.


  1. This blog does not pertain to me... I will not join your club :)

    p.s Checkout my blog I have awarded you with the "stylish blog award" Pass it on to the blogger you enjoy reading.

  2. i'm right there with ya momma! i'm ready for SUMMER!!!!


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