Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I wonder what he wants?

My boy is doing a Facebook 30-Day Photo Challenge.  The challenge tells you what kind of photo to post each day.  To get the specifics on the challenge, or to try it yourself, click here.

Sunday was Day 14.
The prompt was:
"Post a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without"

He posted this picture of the two of us.

Followed by this comment:
"This beautiful woman means the world to me.  My mother is someone I couldn't live without guaranteed.  She has given everything to me, including my devilishly good looks."

My boy let his sweet side be seen by all his FB friends -- and included a peek into his sense of humor... which sometimes is missed by those who don't know him well.
I can't imagine my life without our boy.  Without him, well, the estrogen level would far exceed the testosterone balance in our home and Mr. D would feel like I do these days...out numbered. We would also have a huge laughter deficiency.

Above mentioned child was not coerced, bribed, conned, blackmailed or paid to post the above photo and kind words on the world wide web.  His mother is still wondering what he plans to ask for :)


  1. What a very sweet boy you have. I love that picture of you two.

  2. i love that picture of you 2 :) and he probably wants money! :P hehehe just kidding!

  3. How sweet! I have two teenage boys, and I hope they would say the same about me. I don't know if they would say it front of their friends though. Putting it on facebook is saying it to the world. What a fortunate mom you are! Enjoy.


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