Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Twelve years ago today
a sweet baby girl was born 
on the same day as her Auntie -- 
only 40 years later.

My niece, Brigitta and I share our birthday
and we both absolutely love it!

Twelve years ago I was at the mall shopping with Mr. D - on my birthday - and my baby sister called my cell phone to tell me she had just given birth to our Brigitta.  After hanging up the phone I decided that right there, that day I would buy Brigitta a charm bracelet and add a charm a year to it -- then give it to her on a special birthday.  I purchased the bracelet and two charms that day, one said "special" and the other was a tiny baby cup. 

Each year I bought a charm for her bracelet

I made a charm too -- with a crystal bead from an old bracelet of my mother's, (her grandmother) and two amethyst Swarovski crystals (birthstone).

This year felt "right" for giving her the bracelet.
Now she can add her own charms for special events.
Of course I'll keep adding charms too!

Brigitta and I celebrated together at a favorite pizza joint
(Lou Malnati's) with several other family members.

A good time was had by all.
I loved being with 2 of my sisters and their families.

While our boy takes care of things on the home front -- Mr. D and I celebrated in Cincinnati tonight with our Wild One, and our son-in-love (to be).  

Ahh, it's good to be me.


  1. sounds like a good b-day for you! That bracelet is really special, how cool!

  2. Cheri,

    Happy belated Birthday, my friend! What a wonderful idea and gift the charm bracelet is. I'm sure she will treasure it always. Thank you for this sweet idea. I am going to purchase one and do just as you have for a special little girl in my life.

    Your Friend,

  3. Sounds like the perfect birthday celebration. Loved the pic of Brigs and Jersti looking at the braclet. Do you think Jersti was longing to have one??? Such a creative idea.

  4. Deborah...hopefully you have a store that carries charms near you. Of course there is always the internet! It is a fun gift!

    Jackie....I noticed Jersti's look of longing too. I'm going to do one for her now :)

    My girls both have charm bracelets, as do I and we still enjoy adding charms to our bracelets!

    Just found out there is a "charm" store here in Cincy.....I can't wait to go! I have a special charm I'm looking for.

  5. Love this post. So much special-ness.

  6. Very nice gift -- indeed.

  7. i hope you informed Bo of all the hard work i contributed to the bracelet. ;-)


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