Sunday, January 02, 2011

Upcycle your Christmas Cards

The Christmas decorations are packed away here at The Cottage 
but one last task remains - 
the upcycling of the Christmas greeting cards we received.

I can hardly stand to toss the cards we receive in the garbage, 
or even to recycle them, 
yet I sure don't need one more thing 
to save, collect and store.  

Can I hear an Amen?

My solution is to sort the photo cards from the greeting cards.

Next I tear the backs from the greeting cards.

The backs will be recycled.
If there are personal notes on the back of the greeting card covers
I may choose to recycle those too.
Or, I might just cover the note with pretty scrapbook paper.

Now all I have left are the nice card fronts.
I  put the card fronts in with my wrapping paper for next year
and then use them as gift tags on presents.

This also works for birthday cards received throughout the year.

If you do an internet search for upcycling/recycling Christmas cards you'll find many more ideas and uses for the cards.

Inquiring minds want to know:   What do you do with your Christmas cards?  

Next up:  Secret codes for gifts.


  1. Not sure how my other comment got in the wrong spot - oh well!

    So does this mean it's too late to send out a card?!?!? We finally have ours ready to order (had an idea I wanted to try since we're in a new homeland), but it with transit time on both sides, I'm getting second thoughts.

  2. love the JOY card with the little birdie atop the J! :) such a great idea! you're always so resourceful :)


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