Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The mug

For as long as I can remember
I have used this mug for my morning coffee

but only at my mother-in-love and father-in-love's home.

When we visited mom and dad in Indiana and in later years in St. Louis,
I always chose this mug over the many cups and mugs in the cupboard.

I liked the way it felt in my hand.
I liked the way the rim felt as I sipped my coffee.
I liked the design.

I have so many memories of sitting at their kitchen table in the mornings 
 --drinking coffee with them, listening to 
stories, talking about daily life, and their grandkids who they loved dearly.

This morning I drank my coffee from this cup once again.
This time I drank it at my kitchen table.

and sipped the coffee 
thinking of my husband's sweet parents.

The coffee was slightly salty this morning --
the tears dripping into my cup
flowed freely
as I thanked God for the best
father and mother-in-love.  Ever.

and yes,
I told them that over coffee more than a few times.


  1. love this post mom :) i miss them both everyday and still cry on occasion remembering them just as you did this morning :) this post also makes me excited for Tim because he's about to get some of the best in-loves as well :) love you!

  2. Good point Danae, Tim is super super lucky :) I'm glad you have such great memories Cheri, that they made you feel like a daughter :)

  3. Very endearing... Got a little teary eye'd. I'm glad you have that very special cup !

  4. Good choice of a mug. And good words.
    I like all the other comments, too!

  5. Natasha Zabek2:44 PM CST

    Great post Aunt Cheri. It brought tears to my eyes. Ralph was the perfect Grandpa-in-love, I can only imagine how great it would have been to have known Norma as well. With Love, Natasha

  6. A beautiful tribute.


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