Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Code work

We get such a kick from our Baby Girl's antics and style.  
Christmas morning she showed up with another creative use
of her style.

Each of her cutely wrapped gifts had a gift tag 

but, some people were receiving more than one gift
and it is a pretty big deal with our family that gifts
be opened in a certain order. 

I have typically used numbers on gifts combined with a cheat sheet.
Baby girl opted out of using numbers -- she used her own
secret code

 Depending on who this gift was for
it was either their first gift (me or Cara) or their second gift

Gotta love the girls creativity!

So are we alone on this one?
Do other families care anything about gift order?
yeah, probably not.


  1. well the main reason order is so important is because if you open the better of the 2 (or however many) gifts first... the 2nd seems WAAAAY less cool! but if you open them least cool to coolest, the anticipation builds! :D

  2. Obviously order is important if one gift gives away what another is.

    Steve is the master of making treasure hunt clues for the kids that lead to a present.

  3. Nope...only timeit matters is if it's something that gives away what another gift might be.... example I wouldnt want Brianna to open her drill bits BEFORE her drill.
    I think Danae had a great idea...definatley makes it fun.

  4. Yes! We have a specific order for gifts. The entire process is an event. We give out one gift at a time so everyone can see what the person received instead of a free for all. It takes a lot longer but is so much more enjoyable and makes the exchange even more special. I use different tags to signify 1st, 2nd, etc. I thought I was the only one who was type A enough to do this! I love the sweet way your daughter wrapped her gifts.
    Happy New Year!
    Your Friend,

  5. Yes, especially in our house where some gifts are used by other gifts such as games for a family Kinect for XBox 360... if the kids opened the games first then it would spoil the family gift. I'll have to think about using that code idea though as we wrap presents in early November to keep nosy kids away.


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