Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another attempt

Journaling is very appealing to me.  I love the idea -- and I love writing.  I just don't like the pressure of having to write something.  Especially something profound.  Sometimes I'd like to just be ok with writing what my grocery bill was, the high temperature of the day, or that I ate two bran muffins.  The blank page of a pretty journal intimidates me.  Something about a nice journal makes me think I have to write something profound.  Words worthy of the pretty cover and paper.

Earlier this week I was visiting design*sponge when I found this idea:

I L.O.V.E. this idea!  
The post on this great idea and directions to make one can be found here.

This type of journaling appeals to me -- and my phobia of writing in a pretty book, with blank pages.  It only took me a day to decide to give this easy-peasy idea a try.

My berry baskets are all stained with berry juice and not this pretty, so opted to use something I had on hand

 This old oak recipe box works for me

I had plenty of index cards laying around from all those speeches and reports our kids did in high school.

For now I've clipped a photo to the month divider card sometime this week I'll use double-sided tape to attach the photo to the index card. 

I have plenty of printed photos -- especially of flowers and landscapes this is a perfect way for me to enjoy them throughout the year. 

the tabs are just sticky tabs that were taking up space in my desk -- they can be easily removed.

Shocking as it may be, I managed to remember something from almost every day in January so I could start writing today.  That's the fun part!

It will be interesting to see what I did each year -- and maybe even what I ate, or what the temperature high was for the day -- or how much I spent on bread and milk.

But until then....I plan to keep this box either by my bedside -- to write at the end of the day...or at my desk where I will see it every day.


  1. I'm a journal(er) so I love to see other ideas people have. This is a cool idea, It's always fun to look back and see what you did or what you were thinking. Happy journaling

  2. I just popped over to read about the original idea...and I have to say I like your "tweaks" better.

    I like the idea of using a recipe box and the space of the 4x6 recipe card...and I love the idea of using your own photos instead of the old postcards as the dividers, unless they were actual postcards you had received.

    Very fun and seems like such an easy way to capture a nugget from each day! I might just try it!

  3. Karyn -- if you want to borrow my date stamp, let me know!

  4. I actually like this idea and I think it could be doable...not that I will find the time to do it...sure wish I could borrow your date stamp...

    I even have the same wooden recipe box...gonna think about this one...I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!

    I need your encouragement! good idea, though!

  5. Cheri,

    Oh I like this idea! Thanks for sharing it!

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! How exciting.

    Your Friend,


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