Monday, December 20, 2010

Yesterday #1 son went with me to feed the horses
actually, he gave me a ride
on the 4-wheeler
so I didn't have to walk as far in the cold.
He's such a good kid takin' care of his momma like that.

 When we arrived at the barn I handed
#1 son my camera and told him to have fun.

I really like his style

He didn't disappoint.


We are getting another dump of snow today.
Kids were sent home early from school
I got stuck trying to get up our driveway
and in the middle of our street.

Mr. D is out of town.
He's helping his sister care for dad for a few days.
Dad, Mr. D and family could use our prayer support
if you are inclined, and think of them.

Baby Girl and I began to dig the van out
and shovel snow
and our neighbors came to our rescue
and they struggled with us.
and they plowed our entire driveway.

We have awesome neighbors.

Trying to stay out of snow drifts,


  1. Three things...
    1. Great photos by Nate
    2. Sorry you got stuck, but glad you have such good neighbors
    3. Praying for Kirk's dad and family (hope everything is ok.

    If you need anything please let us know.

  2. thanks!

    verification word: redump

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM CST

    You're in my prayers...I hope he is doing better hugs all around


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