Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sneak Preview

While in St. Louis we took the "kids" to a very FUN building, with very cool STUFF, things to PLAY on and places to EXPLORE.

The first time we were in this room, we totally missed this wall of bottles

as in, NObody even noticed them! 

 Seriously, how does a person miss a wall of clear bottles?

How does a group of 7 adults miss it?

What we learned is there is SO MUCH to see in this
amazing building that one 3 hour visit  

isn't nearly enough to see and do it all.
There is So much to share about this place, and I have
so many pictures, that I don't know where to start!

In case you need a reminder:

I know I do!

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  1. I have to admit...i completely missed it...both times...went back and checked my camera to make sure it was real!


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