Monday, December 13, 2010


No school today
too cold 
too much snow
even for MinneSNOWtans

The National Weather Service says
Rochester received the third highest 
one day total for the city.

Number one highest
was in 2005
2nd highest was in 1982

So far this year is ranked Number 5
for snowiest December ever

We have 25.5 inches so far.

The record is 35.3 inches
in 2000

 more snow is on the way this week

Gabby isn't very fond of all this snow 

it really complicates her squirrel chasing


  1. You KNOW I be lovin' those snow pictures :)

  2. Our kitty hates the snow (and cold) too...we shovel him a path off the deck so he can at least go sit outside and look over his domain for a few minutes at a time. But he hates the snow getting stuck between the pads on his paws.

  3. Two observations --

    1) I believe Cheri is 'catching' the weather gene. (And I like it).

    2) the two pictures before the picture of Gabby is the driveway on snowstorm day 2-- it had been cleared out the day before :\

    It was nice to have a day off from clearing snow yesterday :)


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