Sunday, December 05, 2010

Photo enlargement, cont.

A while back I posted about taking photos of a sweet little girl, 
who has some pretty awesome parents, 
and a beautiful home.

That post can be found HERE 

In that post I mentioned that one of the photos I took
of this cutie pie kiddo might be 
enlarged and printed.

This week, "Might be" turned into "DID" 
when the photo I took showed up as the cover
of our church bulletin

So cool to use our own photos instead of stock photos!

You might be thinking that isn't a very big enlargement
and you are right, it isn't.

However -- a billboard IS a big enlargement!

It is so fun for me to drive by this billboard and see
the photo I snapped of this kiddo.

I can only imagine how excited little Miss G gets
when she sees herself on a billboard

If you live in the area, and happen to be heading North on Highway 52, look for the billboard on the east side of the road -- just before you get to the 75th street exit.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is soooo cool Cheri. I was thinking it would be a billboard when you mentioned large. I think I'm gonna have to make a special trip just to see it.

  2. We have also seen it on the digital billboard near the fairgrounds :)

  3. An excellent project indeed... congrats to all involved!

  4. I delight in this daily! I absolutely love these! I'm going to blow one up and have it framed for the wall! You're awesome Cheri... Now you're going to have to think of a cool shot for the boy... He's been a peach about the billboard... He's sweet to his baby sister!

  5. Pretty cool!!! Congrats! :)


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