Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parent Retreat

Last weekend friends of ours 
went on a little parent retreat 
to the Arizona warmth and sunshine.

I'm sure they had a great time.
But I like to think Mr. D and I had an 
even better time with their 4 kiddos.

We had our own retreat here at The Cottage.
The massive winter snow storm meant we 
were cocooned and comfy in the Cottage.

So we stayed up late, played Guitar Hero
and danced to Just Dance
while we dined on popcorn at night

had leisurely breakfasts and a jammie day. 

 and snuggled in our beds reading.

 When it was time to take the kiddos back to their house
the girls packed up their room and 
made their bed....

 Seriously....this is what it looked like!
Which is a much better job than Mr. D does every day!
Way to go Julia and Renna on making a beautiful bed!


  1. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our kiddos! Words cannot express what it means that you'd be willing to do that for us. Amazing.

    Altho, I'm kinda thinking the next time we have the chance to "retreat", that your lovely, cozy cottage would be the place to go! :-)

    Also, lovin the collage pic at the top - is that something you could send me as is?

    Love you both. Thank you again.

  2. We can make that happen Karen...your next retreat at the cottage!

  3. Lisa Peterson just said they would love to have our kids sometime too! who knew! SO I'm thinking we can send the kids to them, and the 4 of us can have our own grown-up retreat at your house. we'll bring the tequila ;-)


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