Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hey! This is Cara (Wild One) and Brianna (Cara's BFF) and we are here to invade Cheri's blog and share our friendship story with you....

Here we go...

B: So, came to Rochester in what, 1991? 

C: No, Brie, it was 1992.

B: Ok, so we met in 1992 on Chesapeake Lane. My mom said, "Hey Brianna (I'm 8 yrs old) lets go take treats down to the new neighbors, the Dietzmans!" I was a bit nervous to meet new people, but down we walked to the end of the cul-de-sac. After knocking on the door, a happy lady greeted us with a big smile (this was Mrs. Cheri). She looked down and said to me, "I'll take you upstairs and you can meet my daughter Cara, she's 6!" So, up the stairs we went.....
So, what happened next Cara?

C: I was busy unpacking my ever so cool room and taking stickers off of everything.  Then my mom appears with this girl...and I believe our conversation went something like this... 

C: "Hi"
B: "Hi". 
My mom probably filled in with something along the lines of "Cara she lives just down the street you guys should play."  I think we must have both agreed.
C: "Bye" 
B: "Bye" 

C: So a couple days later, or weeks, not really sure which, I was coming home from the store with my dad and I said, "Dad can you drop me off at that one girls house, I wanna see if she can play?" 

So my dad stopped in front of her house, (not that it was a long walk), I rang the door bell and asked if Brianna could play. She could!!!  We played My Lil' Ponies all afternoon...and well, then the real 'specialness' began... Brianna....

B: Pretty sure I'd bet my life that it was trolls we played with on my front porch.  Not My Lil' Ponies.  Whatever, I guess this part of the story will remain a little fuzzy. I'd also like to point out that the whole meeting Cara moment was the first 'awkward' moment of my life that I can recall.  I was quite shy and meeting new people was way out of my comfort zone. 

C: Interjecting here... It didn't take me long to ruin Brianna's "shy" life...and became that LOUD friend... the type who steals the computer to interject such things....okay back to you Brie.

B: Yep, Cara and I have opposite personalities; I've been in many 'out of my comfort zone' moments during my 18 year friendship with Cara. Ok, where was I. So I guess the troll play date went well because we're still friends to this day! In reference to the 'specialness' that Cara refers's the way we relate to each other I suppose. For instance.

C: Hey Butt....let me talk

B: No Beastie, it's my turn, stop interrupting ....

C: It's what I do!

B: *Makes dog sounds and bites Cara's shoulder*.....

C: No really she just bit my shoulder....okay...

B: I actually missed because she jumped away in fear...but yeah, that's a glimpse into our specialness.

B: Cara is a friend who has been, and always will be, sister-like in that it doesn't matter how far away she is or how long it's been since we talked, she's still 'my same Cara'.

C:  And I always will be -  because you're my Brianna. I know I can always count on you, and you know you can count on me. You have been a second sister, a confidant, an ear, and so much more....I love you.

B: Awww, tears. You are the only friend I have that I would feel comfortable smacking in the butt or farting in front of (did I just say that?) That says a lot about you and our friendship.

C: Hey I did rub off on you!

B: Oh Look Cara, it's a pic of us from the olden days!

C: Check out our sweet hair accessories....and look my mom made us put our heads together then too!

B: Very classy. I can't believe how long we've been friends. Thanks for liking me all these years :) Love ya friend.

C: Love you too!!!

Don't worry everyone Cheri will be back tomorrow...or the next day....or sometime soon!!!!

Editor Note:
As a young mom, I would rock and nurse my firstborn baby and pray that God would bring a best friend into our little girl's life.  It meant moving from Upstate New York to the frozen tundra of Minnesota and leaving a best friend of mine -- but it was worth it.   Not only did Cara find a wonderful  friend I prayed for, but I gained a new friend too -- Brianna's momma.


  1. Awww What a sweet blog, You two girls are the best of two different personalities. I have been blessed by all of you Dietzmans....a friendship that doesn't smother but goes way deep. We need another girl trip soon.
    Love you all "brianna's mom"

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM CST

    That made me cry.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. That kind of friendship is blessed! I have a "bestie" friend too...
    I was too little to remember our first meeting (I think we were 3 1/2 when her family moved in) so that makes us friends for nearly 37 years!! We lived next door to each other until I went to college...and our parents lived next door to each other until 2005!!

    We only see each other once or twice a year now...I miss her lots...but when we do see or chat with each other it's like no time has passed at all.


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