Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When was the last time.....

When was the last time your EMPLOYER made dinner for you?

When I showed up for "work" this morning my employer (Mrs. B) had a prepared pasta dish for me in her fridge -- all ready to take home and heat up. 
My employer fixed our dinner.


I love my job.

Wishing you all jobs that you love,


  1. That's a good question -- it's interesting how many of our favorite times are surrounded by food.

    No coincidence then how when someone fixes us a meal, it has meaning.

    In the corporate world, our bosses occasionally take us out for lunch or perhaps a Summer cookout.

    But this was truly a first, awesome.

    Enjoy the food. Love the people.

  2. that's amazing! you must be a pretty good employee!


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