Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Wanted: A Bedroom

I need a bedroom.
Your bedroom.

My next design course assignment requires me to use a real life bedroom.
Can't be my bedroom.  Or any bedroom in my home.

That's where you come in my friends.
Would you be willing to let me in your private sanctuary, place of rest, 
boudoir, master bedroom?  

Lettered Cottage Guest room traditional bedroom

What this means, and what it doesn't.

You will not have to purchase anything, or spend any money.
Unless you want to.

I will need to visit your bedroom, probably more than once.  Or twice.

New build, Pierrefonds contemporary bedroom

I will need to take photos.
I will need to interview you.

Greene Street Loft contemporary bedroom

You will need to live in your home for about 2 more years.

You must live in the Rochester, MN area.  (sorry)
(unless you want to pay my travel expenses - then I'm willing to travel to any tropical location)

http://dreamywhites.blogspot.com/ eclectic bedroom

Your bedroom should be the master bedroom.

Mt. Shadows traditional bedroom

You will not be obligated to use my design
or to like the design.

The design will be on paper only.
(If you'd like to use the design, we can talk)
The design is free.  Anything you choose to purchase is on your own.

Rie eclectic

Did I mention pictures?
I'll need to take pictures.  Is that ok?

If you'd like me to design a makeover for your bedroom:
Leave a comment on this post and tell me:
1.  Why you'd like a bedroom makeover.
2.  What style you'd like for your bedroom.  Contemporary?  Luxurious hotel, Traditional?  Eclectic?  Tropical?  Asian?  Modern?  Mediterranean?  Rustic?

If you'd like, email me a photo of your bedroom.
I'd like that.

I'm guessing there could be more than one reader who'd like this opportunity, therefore, I will randomly choose a "winner" from those who leave comments.
If only a few people respond, I'll use the eeny-meeny-miney-moe method.

You have until Thursday, November 4, at 8:00 pm CST
to leave your comment.

I'll announce the "winner" on Friday, November 5th.

This is going to be fun!


  1. 1. Why you'd like a bedroom makeover.
    Because I have lived in the same house for 9 years (on Monday!) and we have sorta new furniture...but it has no style. zip. nada. nuttin.

    2. What style you'd like for your bedroom. Contemporary? Luxurious hotel, Traditional? Eclectic? Tropical? Asian? Modern? Mediterranean? Rustic?

    Comfortable, nothing too fussy - but serene and pretty and very cozy.

    wait a sec...If I were to "win", I suppose it would mean that the 3 baskets of clean folded laundry that typically take up residence on our bedroom floor would have to be put away? or would you be able to work those into your design? ;-)

  2. I would love a bedroom makeover--in fact my whole house needs to be given a makeover! I have hardly any decor' in any of my rooms. In fact my bedroom has nothing on the walls.

    Hm... my style? Cheri's Style! ;o)

  3. i would like you to come do my room eclectically... it's not your house! :D plus i wouldn't mind several visits from my momma! :) i also think i should get to names in the drawing bucket seeing as i'm your own flesh and blood :)

  4. WELL....my bedroom is still in the 80's, We still have our waterbed with the bookshelf head board, yah you know the one, Ha . We are about to purchase a temper-pedic bed (we think) I did just buy a new bedspread an curtain to brighten it up so those would have to stay. I like calm, modern, more masculine than feminine. I would be happy to let you design a new look for my bedroom...It could use some help !

  5. Anonymous6:43 PM CDT

    We need a bedroom designer because...
    1. Our room is beige. (not because we like that color but because we have no design style)

    2. Our nightstands are my husbands from his childhood bedroom. (they may or may not be burnt orange)

    3. I have 3 beautiful antique pieces that cry out for complimentary surroundings.

    4. Our room has size so you can utilize many of your design talents.

    5. I am good at writing checks but bad at finding coordinating purchases.

    Please consider this momumental challenge. I know you are capable of an A+.

    Matt and Suzy

  6. Thank you for this clever and useful bedroom design idea.


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