Monday, November 01, 2010

Rock the Vote

Tomorrow is election day.
Surely anyone on God's green earth - living in the United States of America, would know that.  I'm sure some don't.  I bet you know it.

Mr. D and I did our voter homework.

We printed a sample ballot for our district and discussed the candidates
and marked who we each will be voting for tomorrow.

It is much easier using a sample ballot when voting.
Helps me avoid voter confusion when I'm 
filling in all those little dots.

You can find a sample ballot for where you live HERE.

Are you planning to get out and vote tomorrow?
ladies -- remember...

I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment telling me 
what city and/or state you voted in.

Please refrain from endorsing a particular party or individual.


  1. I am registered to vote here in Minneapolis, MN!

  2. I voted -- well duh, in Rochester, MN -- stopped on the way to work... no line.

  3. I voted at 9:12 am, vote #264 at our polling site, Rochester, MN

  4. I voted early before Bailey's surgery Voter #84! Scott voted right before me! Proud to be an American where I have the freedom to vote!

  5. ROCKED the VOTE in Winter Garden, Fl #148!

  6. Voted at around 9:30 this morning at the Elementary school two doors down from my house! I was number 169.


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