Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not a good idea

I tried a new recipe tonight.

Pumpkin doughnuts

My candy thermometer wasn't working quite right so the first
half dozen were a FAIL.  The oil was waaaay too hot.

After I got the temperature deal figured out
we had ourselves some doughnuts.
I ate a half of one.

This recipe has been sitting on my counter for two weeks.
I'm just not a fan of frying food in the house.
The smells --- ish.

If I fry the food, I'm not likely to eat it.
I have no problem eating food fried by someone else (like a restaurant).
And I love doughnuts.

It must be seeing all that oil in the pan that freaks me out.
Every time I fry something, I tell myself "never again".

I lie to myself.


  1. Haha, you lie to yourself, I think I do that too! Nice job on the donuts! I wanna.

  2. What?! You made donuts and didn't tell us?!?

  3. Umm yeah ...what Jen said.....and you don't really say how they turned out? were they good?

    I don't like frying things either....more for the mess it makes of my stove than the smell tho.

  4. IF the doughnuts had turned out, I would have called you both. They weren't worth the drive. Trust me.


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