Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last week Mr. D invited our Baby Girl 
to attend a Father/Daughter Summit with him.  
This was an all day event organized by the National Center for Fathering.  

Baby Girl was thrilled to have her daddy all to herself for an entire day. 
A day of getting to know and understand each other better
and deepen their relationship.

Our girls adore their daddy
and their daddy adores both of them.

One of the things Mr. D learned at the Summit 
was the importance of
"entering your daughter's world".

No matter what their age

Baby Girl and Mr. D highly recommend 
Their only regret --- that they didn't attend before now.

If you are interested in receiving weekly emails
from the National Center for Fathering
click here.

Mr. D would love to attend the Summit with his Wild One someday, but until then, he has plenty of materials from the Summit to build on his relationship with both daughters.


  1. Awesome.... what a great thing for dad's and daughters. Such sweet pictures Cheri

  2. Thank you for sharing their experience! We were so glad to have them with us! It was amazing to see the determination of the dads and daughters to join us for the day despite the storm. Made me think that these dads are showing their commitment to their daughters no matter what life brings. They are her champion and he her hero. What a great site!


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