Thursday, November 11, 2010

Found 'em

Baby Girl came home today.  Just for the day.  
She missed her momma and needed to be held and comforted.
Or maybe she had a dentist appointment?  
I hugged and kissed and held her anyway.
Then I gave her a scarf I made her.

She drove off into the dark of night a bit ago.
I don't like it when the kids drive back to school in the dark
I'm afraid of the dark.
She should be calling any minute now to say she's safely back.
Don't forget sweetie.

Then I got my supersuit on and found the missing home videos
that NObody else in my fandamily has been able to find.

so now I'm typing on my laptop while a video from 1987
is playing on our television.
Where did the time go?
I look so MUCH younger.
And so pregnant.

A friend gave us this cool machine
and Mr. D is now in the process of transferring our old video tapes to DVDs.

I could stay up waaaay too late 
watching my kiddos
as little kiddos.


  1. i had a dentist appointment AND i needed to be comforted and held! both were necessary! and i love the scarf so thank you very much!
    i remembered to call btw!
    and don't get mad at us for not being able to find the tapes... i had nothing to do with misplacing them so therefore i cannot be held responsible for finding them!

    --are the tapes from our newer (now broken) video camera in there? ie my dance tapes? :)

  2. Anonymous5:49 PM CST

    Love the scarf!! Cute model girl too :)


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