Thursday, November 04, 2010


I'm a few days into Unit Two of my Interior Design Course, which means the drafting tools have come out of the box and into my hot little hands.  I'm learning all about drafting -- the lingo, symbols, tools, and even lettering.  I love the lettering.  I've always been intrigued by handwriting, script, calligraphy, and all kinds of type.  But I digress.

The benefits of a drafting table quickly became apparent today.  Without a drafting table, I had to do my work on the kitchen table, which was.....ok.  Not ideal by any stretch.  So... I asked Mr. DIY if he would help me make a simple tabletop drafting table.  In his free time of course.

Trouble is, Mr. D doesn't have much free time, and when he gets any -- I always have a project on my honey-do list for him.  He's a saint, I tell ya.  A saint.
Let me tell ya somethin' else...
drafting tables are spen-deeee.  

And truth be told, I don't have room for one.  However, if someone were to give me an antique drafting table, I'd find room!

It's been said:
 "Necessity is the mother of invention"
Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions

This old berry basket tote was on it's way to the attic today, 
when the light bulb went off..
it might, it could possibly be, a solution.

for my portable drafting "table".

The re-purposed berry basket carrier 
as a portable drafting table works great!
So far.  Mr. D wonders if the slant is too steep.

I think Mr. D is going to be pleased that one more to do
won't be added to the growing list!

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