Monday, November 01, 2010

Around The Cottage

I hadn't planned on working in the yard this weekend, but the warm weather and sunshine drew me outdoors.

My plan for the weekend was to sew a bit.  And do a few small painting projects.
But Mr. D was outside, the sun was warm, and the wind wasn't blowing.  It was a good day to do a little remodeling.  In the chicken coop.

Six hens in the coop is a bit cramped during the winter months when they have to be "in" more often than out.  Since the hens only lay in two of the nesting boxes, I had Mr. D cut two of the four nesting boxes out, which provides room for a larger waterer for the winter -- and a better place for the heat lamp.

While we worked on the coop -- and in the yard throughout the weekend, the hens enjoyed being out of the pen and roaming the yard.  Mr. D likes to have the chickens out and about in the yard.  I do too.  It's just those dang Cooper Hawks -- I'd hate to see them fly off with one of the girls.

 and then...
The Vinder Viper came to Vash the Vinders

Mr. D vashes the vinders twice a year.  
And that's a good thing.  (read in your best Martha Stewart voice)
Because I don't do windows.

 And then....I "harvested" the curly willow branches.
It's devastating to trim this beautiful tree back this much
but it grows back every year and trimming keeps the branches curly.
That's what I like to tell myself anyway.

After the Curly Willow was trimmed, I headed back to where
we have a row of Red Twig Dogwoods

And then..... for the first time in years I trimmed the red twigs
before the snow arrived and before it was freezing
which made the task much more enjoyable. 

Last year I trimmed the Dogwoods waaaaay back
which was a bit scarey -- but it proved to be worth it.
The red twigs were nice and straight! 

And then .... I walked around the yard and collected
some dried flowers

And then..
I made a dried arrangement for the Cottage entrance

And then.. I went shopping.
And then we ate dinner.
And then we walked across the street to have a beverage and visit with Darold and Alice -- as is our tradition on Halloween.

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. From "Dude, Where's my Car" -- "and then and then and then and then and then... " -- lol.

    That arrangement looks like it's ready for the squirrels to start eating it :)

    It was a good weekend to be out & about.

  2. Perfect weekend to get all that done..... I did similar things minus the flower arrangement. NOT gifted in that department.


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