Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unit One

Unit One = Done!

Tomorrow I mail my course work for the first Unit of the interior design course I'm taking.
I'm nervous .... and excited.
There is a certain way it has to be arranged, and sent in.
It MUST be in the Omni folder.
This assignment will be graded.
My advisor will be reviewing it with me.

Unit Two has already arrived in the mail.  I've refrained from even opening the package until I have completed (and mailed) the first unit.  So tomorrow afternoon -- I get to see my next projects/assignments.

I'm enjoying the course.  There's a little bit of fear each time an assignment is given ----will I be able to do it?  Am I creative enough?  Do I have what it takes?  That negative voice inside my noggin likes to tell me "you can't do this"....and I get to wondering what on earth I've got myself into.

Then I grit my teeth -- and dig in.
I will do this.


  1. OH.... theres' no doubt in my mind you can do this, You definatley have what it takes and It's time that "negative voice" takes a hike :)

  2. how exciting! Good luck.

  3. Yeah, what Jackie said! You will do great! Keep us posted.

  4. I agree with all said so far... and I'll add -- one step at a time, and you'll do great!

  5. Now let me give you an alternative approach... the college student approach. Don't do any work for a week or 2, maybe even longer. Wait until the day you have to turn it in, or in your case the day you want to have unit 2 done by, and do all of the work in one, stress-packed, sleepless night. The key here is dragging out that stress-packed night as far as possible. Things such as facebook, checking email countless times, StumbleUpon, and other distracting websites of the sort are usually the best choice.

  6. Thanks for the votes of confidence in me friends!

    Mike....I'll consider it. That style fits with my motto: "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done".

  7. You SO can do this!
    Because you have great instinct and ability in blending things of beauty and joy with comfort and style. One minute in your home and you can tell you've got what it takes to help others do the same. you rock!

  8. Thanks Karyn! You sure have a way with words.

  9. Hi Cheri!

    I actually just replied to one of your posts on The Lettered Cottage when I should just ask you directly! Anyway, I have been thinking about taking the Sheffield Course for a while. Have you had any input about how people in the design industry view the course? Thanks!


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