Monday, October 18, 2010

This morning

On my way to work this morning my cell phone rang.  The voice on the phone said, "you don't need to come this morning."  No problemo.  I turned the car around pronto.  It was still dark, I could go back to bed.  
DIY Guy was still eating breakfast when I walked in the door.  My plan was to visit with him until he left, then hit the sack.

Then the sun started to rise on the horizon.

and the neighborhood started to lighten up

The air was cool and crisp. 

The sun was warm

changing the scene every minute.

 The view down our street was particularly
breathtaking this morning.

The garage door was even a piece of art. 

 I am not a morning person by any means

but sometimes early morning is a good thing.


  1. Great pics Cheri, you guys have a great view from up on the hill. Thanks for sharing the Beauty.

  2. i love this! awesome pics! and i enjoy mornings like those, where you're unexpectedly awake and get to enjoy God's beauty without any agenda :)

  3. ya, what they said!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing and a reminder to look up and 'see' the roses (and smell them too) :)

  5. Anonymous11:40 AM CDT

    Beautiful pictures!


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