Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tales ....

It's that time of year --- the mice are lurking around the garage looking for a warm winter vacation spot, the spiders are winding webs to wrap around your face when you least expect it, 

and the local squirrels turn evil

attacking gourds and pumpkins with a fervor that is inconceivable.

They roll the orange orbs to a preferred location
and then attack with a vengeance  

going straight for the core

showing no respect for the decorating element

So thanks to the dadgum pesky mice, moles, deer, 
skunk, fox and squirrels
today we moved the gourds indoors to the garage

 Orchids* to DIY Guy 
for sharing his taj ma garage
with the gourds.

*Explanation note:  
Orchids & Onions is an old newspaper term for handing out positive and negative feedback.
For example:
Orchids to DIY Guy for sharing his garage.
Onions to the critters for messin' with our bounty!


  1. Inconceivable -- reminded me of the movie "The Princess Bride".

    Onions / Orchids... hmmm -- dating ourselves a bit, aren't we ... hahahaha ;) Love you.

    Ok -- I take it back after a quick google search... you're just expanding our horizons:

  2. don't you mean "INCONTHEIVABLE!" with lots of spitting, dad?? bahahahaha i like the orchids and onions idea :)


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