Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Purple day

Saturday was homecoming at Winona State University where our Boy and Baby Girl are seniors this year.  DIY Guy and I decided it was 'bout time we went to a WSU homecoming and celebrated with the kids.

Soon after we arrived the WSU tattoo's came out.

DIY Guy refused a tat.

The students went all out.

I may, or may not have added an adornment to my bod.
To quote the sign in Katie and Danae's apartment,
"What happens in Winona, stays in Winona"


  1. we had so much fun with you guys! so happy you came!! :D i wanna see the rest of the pics! :D

  2. Yes, lots of fun! Thanks for the invite.

    I don't often comment on the word verification -- but can't resist this one..... "theri" -- like Cheri with a bit of a Lisp ;)


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