Monday, October 11, 2010


THAT was another long day. In. the. car.
Once again, DIY Guy is my hero.  He drove all but one hour of the 12 hour trip.
I tried to drive, really I did.  It's just that sometimes usually I am afflicted with a case of the sleepies once I get behind the wheel.

We had an amazingly wonderful week with these two 
amazingly wonderful and good looking people

while visiting them in the Nati

We accomplished much, saw more, ate too much,
shopped til we dropped and enjoyed being together

Now that I'm back -- and you all know I survived the drive, I'm off to snuggle in my bed with my book.  


  1. Love the last picture of C & T

  2. such a cutie-pie couple...
    Cara, I am so proud of the delightful life you are creating and living! (albeit it too far from here)
    Love ya!


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