Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On the road again...

DIY Guy and I spent all day yesterday on the road.  All day.  We pulled out of The Cottage driveway at 7:00 am (CST) and headed South and East.  At 9:15 pm EST we pulled up in front of Wild One's apartment.

We decided not to rush this trip, so we stopped at my mom's for a quick visit -- 

Gabby appreciated the opportunity to stretch her legs
 and run around the nice big yard.
I did too
minus the running around thing

It was fun to see all the decorating mom had done

Thanks for the tour mom...

and the cookies --
they went great with my McDonald's ice cream cone for dinner!

 Finally we arrived at our Wild One's home
it was late
we were tired
and our girl didn't disappoint in the snack department

Pumpkin Dip with cinnamon pita chips

Today I found this on her refrigerator:
Congrats on making the UC Dean's List Sweetie !

Our schedule for the week :)
We're having Dewey's pizza tonight
at Ault Park
Don't be jelly

I mean jealous.

Off to more Cincy adventures!

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  1. Oh, have fun you guys, enjoy the time with your sweet daughter


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