Friday, October 22, 2010

Just another work day

I'll tell ya, it is difficult to not enjoy a work day that includes this:

 and this
 and this?
Yesterday was a no school day -- 
so I took the three kids I nanny to visit a friend
who just happens to have a litter of 9 golden retriever pups
hanging out at her house.
 The kids absolutely loved it
 and I sure didn't mind it either
 if the pups weren't all spoken for
I'm sure we would have been tempted to take a few home

 Seriously.  How can a person resist this?

There will be another litter in the spring.
I don't know how much longer I can resist.
Or how much resistance
DIY Guy will have!


  1. PLEASE get one in the spring. i will be more prone to POSSIBLY stay in the area...maybe, i will think about it anyways... once i get a teaching job! haha.

  2. Adorable pups! Our neighbor has a golden retriever and it is the best dog. We basically want one too.

  3. You guys really do need a big dog... It'll have the big yard to run in, and a pool to swim in, and a little dog for a friend :)

  4. AND Gabby gets along with BIG DOGS!

  5. Mary Ann9:32 AM CDT

    If you can't wait for sister has NINE golden retriever pups. People that get her puppies say they are the best: well behaved, good companions, stick around the yard. She has both the mom and dad on their farm. I'm thinking we need one of them as we head to the woods.

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