Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coke rewards

Our boy collects stuff.  

Tonight he is adding up the Coke bottle cap points from some of the caps he has collected.  These are only the caps he has at home.  He has more caps at his apartment.   When he came home this weekend -- I drew the line -- the "at home" caps  had to go.

He added them up.  Total points:  45

He bought a Coca-Cola T-shirt with previously collected points.
He's undecided about what to get next with his points.
See those papers to the left of his laptop?
Those are Culver's Scoopie points.
Anybody want a toy or teeshirt from Culver's?

My boy will git you somethin' !


  1. Fun....Cole has a pile of pepsi bottle tops ..for whatever you do with those. We use our scoopie coupons for the free kid's meals!

  2. Bailey collects t-shirts....a culver shirt would be a good b'day present! ;)


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