Sunday, September 26, 2010

What did you do?

Did your weekend go by as quickly as mine did?  Sheesh.  Maybe it flew by for me because tomorrow morning I start my new job.  I'm not terribly nervous about it, but you know how it can be doing something for the first time.    

First thing I did this weekend--
I stuck by my chicken rule:
 "if you don't lay, you don't stay"
 and said good-bye to three of our hens

It was a tad bit difficult to send off Rosie (left).  She was one of our original hens when we began this chicken tour over three years ago.  Her years had made her barren and it was time for her to retire to a bigger chicken farm where she can stroll the grounds freely, and not feel guilty about her lack of productiveness.

To replace the three hens, we added a Barred Rock (below), a White Rock, and a Silver Seabright Banty (below).

This is the first time I've had a banty in my coop/pen.  She is so little, and cute --- and friendly!  The third hen added is much more independent.

I let the three new hens out in the garden on Saturday.  After they foraged for awhile, they napped among the basil.  When it came time to round 'em up and get them back in the coop for the evening --- let's just say you would have enjoyed the show!  The stinkin' White Rock gave us a run (literally) for our money.  There's nothing quite as humiliating as being out run, and out smarted by a chicken.
We did win the challenge.  One point for the coop keepers.  Zero for the chicken.

Back to the Banty.  She is so small she can fit through the ventilation holes in the coop -- and finds this spot to be the safest right now -- since the homies aren't exactly being welcoming to their new coopmates.  Doesn't it look like she is mounted to the wall?

In other news:  DIY Guy and I picked over 50 pumpkins and over 60 gourds.  
There are still several of both in the field ripening.

and now, I must get going--
I'm kickin' it to bed early tonight.
5:30 is going to come pretty dadgum fast tomorrow!

I'd love to hear how you spent your weekend!
Have a wonderful Monday friends!


  1. Hope you have a great first day of work tomorrow Cheri :) Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Ours was kind of lazy, but nice !

  2. I love that you grow your own pumpkins and I hope your 1st day goes great tomorrow!

  3. Can I just say how jealous I am of that sweet family you will be working for? We hires nannies for 6 years and have had a couple angles strait from heaven. I can't imagine a better one than you! I wish it was me at home with them. But if it can't be, it means the world when its someone who is wonderful to both me and them. Have a great first day!


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