Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stories of the day

These are my wheels when I'm at work:

I must admit it is pretty sweet ride in spite of it's XL size which I've taken to much quicker than even I expected.  This ride is equipped with all the bells and whistles, sunroof, leather interior, automatic seats with memory, heated seats in front and back, and ..... wait for it......XM Satellite radio.

Ride to school conversation:
(Today I take the 5th graders, "O" and "A" to school in my Camry instead of the usual Yukon.  I turn on their favorite FM radio station, 106.9)

O:  Can you change the radio station?  We don't like this song.
Me:  Sure.  (I start scanning through stations)  What would you like to listen to?
O:  (confused)....Is that the only station like KROC you have?
Me: (aha moment, and smiling)  Yep, I don't have XM radio in my little car.  Want to listen to Country music or talk radio?  
A & O:  Nah, 106.9 is good, you can put it back to that.

Fast Forward to after school pick-up:

Windows are down, sunroof is open and I'm parked in front of the school in the Yukon waiting for "O" and "A" to end their school day and join me.
While I wait, I usually read or work on my knitting project.  Today I am knitting, and unfortunately have just had to rip out most of my nearly complete dishcloth.  I'm frustrated.

A nice lady walks by the vehicle, glances toward me, smiles and takes a few more steps.  Then she backs up.  
Her:  What are you knitting?
Me:  Oh, just a dishcloth --- I'm learning as I go, and not very good.
Her:  Looks like you are doing great.  
Me:  Do you knit?
Her:  Yes!  I'm working on a purse right now.  Would you like to meet sometime and knit together?
Me:  Really?  Yes, that would be great.
Other small talk continued.....we exchange names and phone numbers.  

I found my new knitting friend on Facebook tonight and sent her a message.  
I've never done anything like this before.  
and that brings me to the last story of the day:

("A" arrives and jumps in back seat.  "O" arrives a few minutes later and heads to back seat.)

Me to "O":  I thought you were riding shotgun today.
"O":  Huh?  What's shotgun?
(I give a lame explanation and the kids talk about what a shotgun seat is.  I tell them my big kids have called "shotgun" since they were their age)
"O":  Why do they do that?
Me:  Because they want to sit in the front passenger seat, so they "call it"
"O":  Oh.

Am I teaching these kids bad things?  It never occurred to them to have to "call" a seat in the car!


  1. It could also be that neither have ever been allowed to ride shotgun so they just don't know... since it's recommended for kids to ride in the backseat of any vehicle until they are at least 12!

  2. Good point Karyn! They do ride up front now and then.....but I bet that's why.

  3. So back in the days of wagon trains (yes, I am that old)... when driving through hostile territories... the person next to the driver of the wagon would carry a ... sitting up front and high for a good view of possible danger...

    I think you could have turned it into a history lesson of sorts. :)

  4. Anonymous10:36 PM CDT

    I realize from the picture that you are knitting just a block from my house... and yet you are picking up strangers :)


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