Monday, September 06, 2010

Random thoughts

Our wonderful neighbors 
have a large raspberry patch in their yard

and they share with us!

Our two young Red Star hens laid their first eggs today

they were so little -- smaller than a small egg

  We invited some peeps over on Sunday
and DIY Guy organized a double elimination bags tournament

the 3 youngest tribe members were home 

and they all left today

we aren't sure when this will happen again
I'm crossing my fingers for once more in 2010.

Hope your Labor Day was FUN!
Labor Day is about more than just the long weekend; it's about you. Really. 
The holiday was created in conjunction with the labor movement "to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers," in the words of the Department of Labor.
Labor Day Is A Day For Fun--Officially.
The first-ever Labor Day took place on September 5, 1882. It was dedicated to honoring the efforts of America's working class--and it was founded specifically to provide recreation and amusement to them. 


  1. Way to go new biddies :)

    The Bags Tourney was very fun -- thanks to all who came -- congrats to reigning champs Susie & Mike, and runners up - Danae & Tate!

  2. Cheri,

    Danae showed me the rest of the photos from the photoshoot, they were GREAT! :)


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