Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random stuff

After Baby Girl's birthday lunch on Sunday, we walked a few steps to the river in Winona.
As in the Mississippi River.

DIY Guy was tempted to take the risk.
But he didn't.  It would have been a long day in wet clothes.

We saw a couple of these houseboats.
Baby Girl and I thought it would be fun to boat in the fall.  Imagine the colors you'd see on the river!

Baby Girl and her new toy.
Bucky Balls -- Neocube.
They are magnets.
The are very fun.
Back in May, Baby Girl and Ryan did this with them.
Don't try that at home.  It's very dangerous.
I mean it.

Makinga  cube from the magnets is more of a challenge.

Even when you know how to make the cube -- it still takes nerves of steel and a steady hand.

Gabby woke up happy from her nap.

I saw this knitted dishcloth in a Winona store.
Yes, I took a picture of it.
Then I looked for the pattern on the world wide web.
I found the pattern.
It is easy enough for this lady to knit.

The knitting needles are calling...


  1. A fun day had by all... in Winona...

    I like the picture of Gabby -- hence the phrase "It's a dog's life" --

  2. i'm very excited about my new bucky balls!!! i've come close to mastering the cube!!! :D and i'm excited also to see your new washcloth stye! :)


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