Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Quiz

Because school has started and because all over the country parents are helping kids with homework, and students are doing homework, and college students are procrastinating doing school work, I thought it might be fun to have a little quiz here.  Get us all in the spirit of school -- which I'll be needin' soon enough!

1.  Name this movie:

 easy-peasy question, eh?

2.  Who played the lead character in the above movie?
3.  What is the lead character's name in the above movie?
4.  What is the profession/job of the lead character in the above movie?

5.  What is the name of this movie:

6.   Who is the leading lady played by?
7.   What is the leading lady's character name in the above movie?
8.   What is the profession/job of the leading lady in the movie?
9.   What are the character names of the children?
10.  Who is the supporting actor?
11.  Who is the supporting actor played by?

12.  What do I have in common with the main character of each movie?
Hint:  it isn't my amazing voice, or superb acting abilities.

I'll let you answer the first 11 questions in the comments....and if you guessed #12 correctly, let us all know!

Answer to #12 below  . . . 

wait for it

wait for it

wait for it

What do I have in common with the main character of the two movies?

The JOB!
As of this evening, I am officially a Nanny!

I start my new job as a nanny to three school age children on September 27th.
There is so much to share about this new job -- so much I love about it.
So much I'm excited about!

I'll tell you more tomorrow ---  this post is long enough!


  1. ...and you'll be a great nanny!!!. Clever blog Cheri, loved it.

  2. 1. The Sound Of Music! (Great movie!)
    2. Julie Andrews
    3. Maria
    4. A nanny!
    5. Mary Poppins!
    6. Julie Andrews!
    7. Mary Poppins! hahaha
    8. Nanny!
    9. Jane & Michael!
    10. Bert!
    11. Dick Van Dyke!
    12. you're a nanny!!!!!

    (might have cheated... i can't lie :( )

  3. haha, well since danae beat me to it, i won't give the answers, but i can honestly say i knew all the answers, without cheating.

    Additional fun facts I have learned:

    Mary Poppins was Julie Andrews' first film, shooting her to instant stardom.
    Sound of Music was her third film.

    While you are mostly correct about Maria being a nanny, her actual title was governess. A governess was a woman hired to teach children in a private household. (had to look that definition up), her other occupation would have been a nun. haha.

    Another interesting connection:

    Both characters, Maria and Mary Poppins are brought into their respective households after a series of other governesses/nannies have failed to bring the hiring household's children under control, and who suffered being terrorized by the children in each house.

    But I'm sure the kids you'll be watching, Mom will be GREAT! And if not, you can try teaching them that in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, but I wouldn't recommend a spoonful of sugar, since that would probably only perpetuate the misbehavior.

    But congratulations on the job, Mom!!

  4. Thanks Jackie! had to cheat? Really?

    Nate....of course you would have all the details on the movies! Thanks for the information -- and I'll take your advice and avoid the spoonful of sugar!

  5. Anonymous9:04 AM CDT

    Congrats Cheri,
    The children will be the better for your influence just as was the case in the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. The family has know idea what a wise choice they made!

  6. You are so sweet Sandy! Thanks for your vote of confidence!

  7. You are always full of surprises! And you will be a fun nanny!

    Speaking of nanny movies, we recently watched Nanny McPhee (the first one from 2005, haven't seen the new one yet). We all loved it.

  8. Way to go Cheri! To be honest i had no idea which movie the first one was from but i definitely knew Mary Poppins for the second one!

  9. 1. The Sound Of Music - one of my favorites
    2. Julie Andrews one of the best.ever.
    3. Maria
    4. A governess
    5. Mary Poppins (this one is in my top 5 favorite movies ever)
    6. Julie Andrews
    7. Mary Poppins
    8. A Nanny
    9. Jane & Michael Banks
    10. Bert
    11. Dick Van Dyke

    I paged down and saw the answer to the last cool. I pray those "three school-aged children" realize how blessed they are to get to have you be a part of their lives!! Congrats!

  10. Anonymous5:39 PM CDT

    Congrats to you but I am so bummed to read this since I was writing job descriptions this afternoon. Our timing is terrible!


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