Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It felt like Fall and a Linky thingee

It felt so much like a Fall day yesterday
that I made Acorn Squash for dinner
defrosted chicken for soup for tonight

dragged out my fall decor box from the attic
and did up the mantel

I started with a very old rifle Spencer carbine given to DIY Guy by his dad.  It dates back to the Civil War.  DIY Guy's great Uncle Bud found the firearm back in the early 1950's in a wall while doing a demolition in Chicago.  Not a rifle ... It's a "Carbine" because it is 6" shorter than a rifle.
Anywho.....I knew I wanted to use the rifle Spencer Carbine - it has such character, and history and is a great conversation piece.  Besides I figured DIY Guy might appreciate some more masculine decor in The Cottage.

Once a firearm is hung over a mantel, "pretty" stuff just don't cut it anymore.  So I went with a hunting, fall, rustic theme and pulled out the birch pillar candles and pheasant feathers a friend gave me after one of his hunting trips.  I've always loved pheasant feathers -- this is a great way to use them.

It's almost time to harvest my pumpkins -- so maybe I'll trade out the white ceramic pumpkins for some real ones.  

Have you pulled out your Fall decor yet?  

Now onto the Linky thingee
We wanna see what you've done for Fall decor!
Never done the "linky thing" before?
No problemo!
Here's how you do it...

- Create a descriptive name for your Fall decor in the “Name” field. 
This will make it  easier for folks to browse through them.

- Make sure to link to your specific Fall decor post, not the main page of your blog.

- If you want to, link to this post from your post 
so that all your readers can join in on the fun too.


  1. I love fall decorations and I LOVE your mantle! We just decorated at our house so I will have to take some pictures and put them up! I have so many leftover fall candles and decorations from our wedding as well, so there is always something new to try! I LOVE FALL!!!

  2. And I did not spell "mantel" correctly. Oops!

  3. Just got my fall stuff up today, so I was happy to find your blog today. =)

  4. OK!! You are kicking me in the butt to get my stuff out...I guess I just didn't want to give up summer yet, but I do love decorating for Fall.....I'll try to post TRY. TO. POST.



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