Monday, September 13, 2010

How DOES my garden grow?

As usual, my garden grows . . .
shall we say....out of control?

I'll take the blame for out of control tomatoes.
But seriously, is there any way on God's green earth that you can control gourds and pumpkins?

Maybe that's why I enjoy growing gourds and pumpkins . . .

they are random, free spirits of the garden

Spilling over the garden boundaries
and climbing trees with reckless abandon

and multiplying like rabbits
(so not like me)

Each gourd is similar, but unique

This is not a pear
just a gourd that looks like a pear 

Tonight I counted the pumpkins and gourds
and roughly estimate

the gourds to number over 75
and the pumpkins to number over 35

Ye haw!

Meanwhile the basil
grows peacefully in a neat row 

and the lone eucalyptus
shimmers proudly in the corner

Aren't I the poetic one tonight?

Some excitement brewing 'round The Cottage lately....and I'm getting anxious to share...
at just the right time.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM CDT

    Would love it if you could share a birdhouse gourd with me! I love those gourds. Looks like you have he right ground and weather for pumpkins and gourds.

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM CDT

    Above from Sandy ; )

  3. That's amazing! I can't believe how many you have!

    We have been wanting to try our hand at pumpkins for a couple of years... heaven knows we have plenty of space for them to spread out! And what fun to have them to decorate with and not have to buy them!! I am inspired... definitely gonna give it a go next year!!

  4. What kind of excitement....could it be the rumors i heard on the phone last night?

  5. I can confirm they are taking over outside the garden, but the good news is -- once a frost comes & they are picked, the grass underneath seems to be in pretty good shape.

    I'm thinking next year we plant some directly under the tree and see how far they go up! -- of course -- we may need to climb the tree to pick pumpkins, but would be fun to see.

  6. 2 words: Blog tease!

  7. My imagination is getting out of control.... Not fair Cheri ! Your garden is lovely, what are your plans for all you've grown...i.e. 35 pumpkins.

  8. Anonymous7:24 PM CDT

    Oh my gosh ....are we ever going to have some FUN!! When will the pumpkin wagon be out front so I can buy some? Very cool


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