Monday, September 20, 2010

DIY Guy + Camera

6:30 pm
Him:   "Hey, where's your camera?"
Me:    "Here, what ya gonna shoot?"
Him:   "A butterfly"

6:35 pm
Me:   "Did you get the shot?"
Him:  "No, it was gone"

9:00 pm
Him: (from the garage)  "Bring your camera"
Me:   "OK"
9:01 pm
9:02 pm
Him:  "thought you'd like some cool action shots"

Me:  "yeah, looks cool, I mean hot"

Me:  (Take 4)  Playing with the camera settings

9:30 pm
Me:  (walking into garage) "I'm having a brain fart, what is that thing called again?"
Him:  "Shut the door to the house -- there's a million mosquitoes out here!"
Me:   (shutting the door)  "So, what is that thing again? 
Him:  "A grinder"
Me:   "Yep, that's it."  (frustrated that I forget stuff like that.  all. the.time.)

1.  DIY Guy took the first two photos.
2.  He was sharpening his zero turn mower blades on the grinder.

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  1. Hmm -- not cool -- comment posted and promptly lost! Try again -- will copy & save this time :)

    I love the play-by-play dialogue -- so "spell-binding" -- lol.

    And yes the sparks did sting a little when they hit my arm -- but not nearly as bad as the mosquitoes -- but I thought, why get a long-sleeved shirt... I'll be done soon.


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